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Super Power Your Running Routine with Tips from Stef Corgel, Vuori ACTV Club Trainer

Everyone at Vuori could not be more excited to see our ACTV Club Trainer Stef Corgel take on the NYC Marathon on November 6. Feeling similarly inspired? Learn how to start—or optimize—your running routine with these tips Stef has picked up during her running career. Whether you’re looking for motivation or great ways to fuel up, these tips will have you chasing that runner’s high. 

Motivation is key 

Stef gets it—even for an accomplished runner like herself, some mornings that snooze button is calling. But there are ways to get around that initial drag and get yourself to the endorphin stage. First, Stef recommends training with an accountability buddy. “On days when you’re not feeling it, this can make all the difference,” she says. Look for local run clubs that might be active in your city, or explore online running challenges to give you that accountability boost 

Music can also be a motivator, but Stef is just as likely to turn on a podcast while she’s training. Surprisingly, they can be great pace-setters. “For long distance training, many runners say that they maintain a more realistic pace when listening to podcasts and correct BPM music.” Spotify is full of free playlists with specific BPM settings for runners. 

Girl Climbing Rock
Guy climbing rock

Stef is wearing the Daily Bra and the Clementine Short 2.0

The road less traveled

A perfect way to beat the routine? Tour a new city on foot. There’s always new paths and trails to discover. Stef recommends taking photos at rest areas to document your run. We love the Stride Leggings for this because they have a pocket to store your phone in while you run. Give yourself a boost with a beautiful setting, such as a sunrise or sunset trail run where the view is as rewarding as the miles you’re adding up on your running app. 

No time to explore? What about making errands part of your running routine? Stef will run to the grocery store rather than driving. Uber or a friend is always on the line to give her a lift home. 

Don’t downplay your warm-up

“Get into a routine of warming up 5-10 minutes before your run,” says Stef. “While many runners use a slow and steady jog as the warm up, others prefer dynamic stretches that imitate running motions.” A great example is a series of 10-12 reps each of high knee pulls, calf raises, marching in place, hamstring stretches, reverse lunge and reach. Repeat this twice through and take off!

The cool-down phase

It can be tempting to rush through the cool-down, but Stef recommends taking your time. She usually does a walk or jog during this phase, followed by mobility exercises and static stretching. It’s all about helping the body with its natural repair process. The right tools can make cool-down feel like a treat after a tough run. Stef uses a foam roll and massage tools, as well as hot and cold therapy. 

Girl Climbing Rock
Guy climbing rock

Stef is wearing the Yosemite Bra and the Seabreeze Short in White

Simplify Your Fueling for Runs  

Training for greater running distance requires a higher caloric intake, focusing on protein and carbs. During longer runs, runners carry gels, electrolyte gummies, or any source of packable quick glucose to keep their mind and muscles sharp. “Hydrate as needed!” says Stef. 

 Many runners have their specific pre-run meal, consumed 2+ hours ahead. If the athlete is hungry right before the run, a half protein bar, piece of toast, or banana should suffice. Post workout, a substantial, balanced meal is needed with a nice balance of macronutrients. Stef urges runners not to skimp on protein, because so many calories are burned during the run.

And of course, limit raw fruits, vegetables, and other foods that may cause intestinal distress a few hours before the run. It’s NOT fun to run a race with a sour stomach!  

Mix Up Your Run Style

When you are getting ready for a big event, like Stef, running days will vary in style in order for the runner to better their speed, strength, and endurance. Stef recommends a mix of tempo, interval, hill and long runs, along with weight lifting at least twice a week. 

“Check out Vuori ACTV Club for some great examples of resistance training for runners,” says Stef, who also incorporates cross-training at least twice a week to help her stay injury-free and ease the repetitive compounding movement of running. Swimming and biking are other favorites, as well as pilates, yoga and walking. We love the Daily Legging and Daily bra for the perfect set for these activities. 

Running is one of the top ways our community loves to stay fit, and we know tips like these from Stef will get even more people to start their own practice. So whether it’s a sunset stroll or a sunrise 5K, bookmark this page so you can easily activate all of these tips.

Keep an eye out for Stef at the NYC Marathon and keep up with Stef over on our Instagram!

Girl Climbing Rock
Guy climbing rock